hollydalyphotos | FAQ


  1. How did you start in photography?

Like many photographers, I got my start after my children were born and I want to capture quality photos of them!  Back in 2009, my twins were one and I bought a Nikon D40 for $100 off Craigslist!  I slowly but surely started practicing more and learning to shoot in manual.  My 4 boys continue to be my favorite subjects to shoot!

  1. What is your style?

Through the past several years and hundreds of shoots, my style has certainly evolved, but what has remained constant is my drive to produce images that could be hung in your home now or 50 years from now.  Classic, timeless, and natural.  I try to capture interactions and freeze time for a moment.  I'm not big on using props, I prefer instead to use great scenery, lovely light, and have the focus be mainly on the clients.  

  1. What is your favorite type of photography?

Children and families portraits!  While I have certainly enjoyed weddings and engagements, I've really found my niche is children.  Because I'm a mom, I easily connect with parents and have tons of tricks to get smiles out of the kids!  I pride myself on never having a shoot where I haven't gotten at least one smile captured of everyone. 

  1. What equipment do you shoot on?

I use a Nikon D600 camera.  I have a 50mm 1.4 lens that I use for the majority of my shoots.  I also have a 35mm 1.4 and 12-24mm zoom lens that I use. I use Lightroom 5 for editing and don't do a ton of Photoshop, I try to get the shot right from the beginning.  I prefer classic edits without a lot of frills so they will produce a more timeless look.

  1. How do I get my kids to smile?

It’s all about capturing their natural expressions and interactions. Kids love to laugh so I do whatever it takes to make them laugh!  I love to sing silly songs, make animal noises, play peek-a-boo... tons of fun tricks!  Practice, practice, practice has helped me hone in on how to accurately capture the candid moments as well.

  1.  What are the best outdoor locations to shoot a family session?

Over the years I've developed quite a portfolio of great Chicago locations!  I'm always finding fun new spots.  However, my top choice would be the South Shore Cultural Center!  It offers great architecture, pretty gardens, beautiful beach, and wooded trails in one spot!  I’m happy to help you find the best location that works for your family.

  1. Do you have rights to my images?

Yes, as the photographer I maintain exclusive rights to use all photographs for marketing and promotional purposes.  No editing or changes to the photographs are to be made by anyone except the photographer.  While you have the right to upload and print your images, I maintain rights to use for promotional purposes.  

  1. Will you come to my home to shoot?

Yes. I travel throughout the Chicagoland area to provide shoots on location.

  1. Can I keep the digital images?

Yes!!  My philosophy is that I always want to give my client what I would want in my own family shoot.  Many of my clients come back for annual photos and don't want to have to order prints or pay extra for the digital images.  The edited digital images are always included in the package and I always keep the packages affordable for growing families!

  1. Will you photograph my wedding?

In 2014, I made the decision to stop taking on weddings and focus exclusively on family and children photography.  I take a limited number of newborn shoots each year and can refer you to some excellent wedding photographers if you need references!

  1. What packages do you offer?  

 You can click here to see the packages in more detail.