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Some randomness about Holly:

-I grew up in the country, now live in the city. I always feel a little homesick for both.
-I married my college sweetheart. He is without doubt the funniest person I know. And like good wine, he keeps getting better with age.
-We have FOUR amazing and energetic sons. They keep me grounded, though slightly insane.
-We live in an old brownstone that is ever a work in progress. Projects keep growing thanks to Pinterest.
-My dream is to eventually move to Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest and help research wild orcas.
-My favorite thing about Chicago is the diversity of cultures and rich history. It's very life-affirming.
-I can not live in a house with white walls. Yet my favorite photos are black and white.
-I prefer natural-light, natural-interaction, no-frills, no-props, classic and timeless images.
-I'm an extrovert, I love to hear people's stories and that's probably my favorite thing about photography- helping to tell a part of their story.

I would love to help tell a part of your story.


*Please note that Holly Daly Photos maintains exclusive rights to use all photographs for marketing or promotional purposes.  

Contact me at holly@hollydalyphotos.com